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Hullo :)

I was reading an old entry of in my journal and I came across barroomeyes invitation to come join this community if I so wished, so here I am 5 years later and some photos of clouds - I seem to have a love affair with clouds for much of my life and its strange I don't think I really can explain why either - it is such an emotive feeling when looking at them

I have taken so many photos of clouds this is just a small offering - nice to meet you all
tape & heart


i am pretty pumped about this community!
i love the sky... no matter what it never fails to be beautiful.
it's one of my favorite things to look at.
and laying down with friends to look at cloud shapes is just amazing.
wowow. loveee it.

here are some pictures!

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My name is Emily, and I joined this community about five minutes ago. I love the possibilities that clouds hold. There's never just one answer, like a math problem or a marriage proposal. A person could spend hours staring at the sky and thinking "Ah, that's a donkey! ...It also kind of looks like a golf cart..." Clouds always change, too. Maybe there's a cloud-chipmunk above my head right now and I don't know it, but it's okay because next time I look at the sky maybe there will be a cloud-telephone. Does this make sense?

Here is an enormous flying manatee swooping down to earth:
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I'm loving this community :D